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What can we do for you ?

Any yacht is only as good as it's Captain and crew. Continuous development, of not only a crew member’s specific skills, but their ability to adapt to, and overcome challenging situations and the development of their character that is going to define them for the rest of their lives and is a very important part of the career development process.

We can assist in many ways, some of which are listed below.

  • Defining realistic expectations, objectives & goals.

  • Expert CV and online profile reviews.

  • General career advice, guidance help and support.

  • Someone experienced, knowledgeable and impartial to talk to.

  • Advice on how to deal with specific onboard situations


Through 35 years as a Capitan (23 years of it professionally), and with a very strong business background, I can help you from making many of the mistakes that so many yacht crew make. I can guide through the myriad of misconceptions that surround the industry.

There are many pitfalls that you have to navigate your way through and there is an increasing amount of uninformed and unprofessional advise being handed out along the way.

If you find yourself in a situation onboard that you do not know how to deal with, we can offer one to one, confidential authoritative advice. Do not underestimate what you might encounter onboard, as even I am completely astonished at some of the onboard situations that clients have contacted me about.

As an example, perhaps you have an issue with your Captain. He is well liked by the management company and the owner but there are serious issues with him none the less.


It's difficult to know where to get solid advice if you are new to the industry and you have nowhere else to turn. Experience shows that talking to other crew members is not always the best route as there remains a high level of ignorance regarding many important onboard issues.

If you are just in need of solid career advice to help you make the best choices as to your next move. With all our experience will will almost certainly be able to help steer you in the right direction.

In most cases, The Yacht Crew Mentor will be able to assist. Whatever your issue, get in touch with us and we will discuss how we can assist you to attain the best possible outcome.   


Founder Iain Flockhart Speaking at the Superyacht Investor conference in London on the subject of recruiting good crew and retaining them onboard.

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