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Will Gerrard, Deckhand


"Iain’s advice was invaluable.”

“Trying to break into the super yacht industry as a ‘greenie’ was a very daunting task as I had never worked on boats or anything similar before. After being put in contact with Iain he was extremely helpful and answered all the questions I had no idea the answer to.


Iain is super friendly and extremely knowledgeable with many year’s experience in the industry. He guided me in the right direction with the decisions I had to make in order to gain experience and then very quickly secure a new position. Helping with CVs, dock walking, interview tips and much more, Iain’s advice was invaluable.”

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Anastasiia Pentil,


"I’m very grateful for his help and he might not know it but I’m even more grateful for him believing in me."


“I met Iain on Women at Sea workshop during Palma Superyacht show 2019. Iain was the only man attended the all-female workshop as he had been specially invited by the organisers.  He shared a lot of his experience with the group and encouraged young beginners like myself to not give up.


After the workshop he approached me asking about my current plan of action to get a position on a yacht and my plans for a future.  He helped to improve my CV and even took time to take a professional picture of me which will look more appealing and presentable. 


After my CV was ready he personally introduce me to a number of top recruiting agencies, and shortly after I got my first position as a sole deckhand on the 35 m M/Y which I’m already on my second contact with.


I’m very grateful for his help and he might not know it but I’m even more grateful for him believing in me. It is great to have encouraging words from a person with so much experience.


Thank you very much Iain.”

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Jack Mitchell, Master

"Iain's advice and support was of the utmost professional calibre."


“As veteran of the Sportfishing world. Iain and I connected on Linked In while I was attempting to enter into the Superyacht community as a sportfishing specialist. Iain accepted my Linked In connection request and began assisting me with my personal presentation including a thorough overview of my C/V and photograph. 


Iain's advice and support was of the utmost professional calibre and aided tremendously in my securing exactly the type of position I sought. His depth of understanding of the yachting world is clear and was extremely helpful to me in my pursuit of a Captains position.  

It is a pleasure to write in support of Iain's commitments and give my complete endorsement to any assistance which you would look to solicit from him. 


Thank You yet again for a job well done!!!”


Issac Kneip, Master


"I highly recommend Iain as a yachting mentor and also as a genuine person who cares about the people he has the responsibility to influence."

"I served with Iain as First Officer on a yacht that several Masters during my tenure before Iain was engaged as a Captain.  At the time I had 10 years experience on various charter and other commercial vessels in Australia, mostly as a Master and this was my entry into the world of yachting.


Iain had a very calm and confident energy which in my experience was consistent of somebody who was no stranger to the situation they were faced with a challenging owner with their first yacht with an unsettled crew who had served under several Captains in the space of a few months.  In a very short period Iain had earned the love and respect of his crew, the owner and established a well organised and harmonious environment on board.


This is a testament to his genuine personality, professional integrity and comprehensive knowledge of running a yacht. Iain is passionate about his work and the industry itself. I was fortunate enough to be in a position to benefit greatly from his experience and Iain went above and beyond the call of his duty to ensure as much of his knowledge was passed onto me at such an early stage of my engagement in the yachting game.


I am extremely grateful for the time we spent together and am overjoyed to learn that his wealth of knowledge is now available to a broader audience through his mentoring platform.


I highly recommend Iain as a yachting mentor and also as a genuine person who cares about the people he has the responsibility to influence."

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Ana Draskivic,

Chief Stewardess

"Iain is extremely knowledgeable and professional in every sense. I highly recommend him.”

“I have been In the industry for quite a while and have previously had help in preparing my CV with less than expected results. I recently had Iain do a full revision of it and he went into tremendous detail in explaining why all the changes should be made and focusing on the layout, and language in great detail.


He has also provided me with some excellent mentoring as I had been at a crossroads in my career but he has now got me totally back on track for where I want to be. He is very patient and has a great manner for mentoring and guidance.


He is extremely knowledgeable and professional in every sense. I highly recommend him. This was money very well spent.”

Pramod Sapkota CV Photo.png

Pramod Sapkota,

Deck / Pesonal Trainer.


"I give Iain all the credit for my recent job acquisition."

"I have been working for 5 years  in a commercial fleet and just joined the yachting industry and have previously have applied for countless jobs with no success.


I got to know about Captain lain via Linked In and he expertly steered me in the right direction by completely re-writing my CV. The professional and lucid way of his insight and writing landed me a good job as deckhand  / personal trainer on a very large yacht very soon after my mentoring with him began.


I would like to give Iain all the credit for my recent job acquisition. Getting such insight from him and learning so much about the yachting industry especially for a greenie would work as positive catalyst and an antidote to get into the new job .


He has tremendous knowledge about the yachting industry and he is always very friendly, patient and has a natural skill of sharing his knowledge in a very easy to understand manner.


I would like to give humble thanks to him for the tremendous help he gave me and it would be pleasure to one day work together with him."


Galina Le Clainche,


"Yacht mentoring  professionals, taking a person as an individual and keep guiding them till the candidate will succeed! "

I worked with Iain on my CV, as well as undertaking some  interview coaching.


It’s worth it!


Trying to get into the yachting industry, Iain instantly recognized my relevant skills, experience, and potential as well as some challenges and mentored me during a two week period  preparing me for my first role in the Med. season.


His knowledgeable advice and suggestions are based on his extensive and highly competent experience within the yachting industry.


I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for his help, encouragement and professional service.


Highly recommended.