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Pramod Sapkota


"I give Iain all the credit for my recent job acquisition."

Pramod Sapkota

"I have been working for 5 years in a commercial fleet and just joined the yachting industry and have previously have applied for countless jobs with no success.

I got to know about Captain lain via Linked In and he expertly steered me in the right direction by completely re-writing my CV. The professional and lucid way of his insight and writing landed me a good job as deckhand / personal trainer on a very large yacht very soon after my mentoring with him began.

I would like to give Iain all the credit for my recent job acquisition. Getting such insight from him and learning so much about the yachting industry especially for a greenie would work as positive catalyst and an antidote to get into the new job .

He has tremendous knowledge about the yachting industry and he is always very friendly, patient and has a natural skill of sharing his knowledge in a very easy to understand manner.

I would like to give humble thanks to him for the tremendous help he gave me and it would be pleasure to one day work together with him."

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