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Jack Mitchell


"Iain's advice and support was of the utmost professional calibre."

Jack Mitchell

“As veteran of the Sportfishing world. Iain and I connected on Linked In while I was attempting to enter into the Superyacht community as a sportfishing specialist. Iain accepted my Linked In connection request and began assisting me with my personal presentation including a thorough overview of my C/V and photograph.

Iain's advice and support was of the utmost professional calibre and aided tremendously in my securing exactly the type of position I sought. His depth of understanding of the yachting world is clear and was extremely helpful to me in my pursuit of a Captains position.

It is a pleasure to write in support of Iain's commitments and give my complete endorsement to any assistance which you would look to solicit from him.

Thank You yet again for a job well done!!!”

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