Ranking within Yotspot search results.

For anybody that uses the YachtSpot website to try and find work within the industry here's a little tip for you.

The way that you're ranked within Yachtspot search results depends largely on how frequently you log in.

In the example below, you can see that I punched in a specific criteria for a given sample role I was trying to fill, and it returned 506 candidates.

The person that appeared at the top of the ranking was the person that most recently logged in. In this particular example 16 minutes ago and if you look at the 2nd entry in the list it shows a person that logged in 32 minutes ago.

This was on page one out of 21 pages that were returned from my search criteria.

If you look at the second image you can see the candidates number 505 and 506, the last ones that were returned in the results, had logged in 29 days ago.

I ran a few different searches using different criteria and the pattern was the same every time the person that has most recently logged in is the person who appears at the top of any given search criteria which they match.

The criteria also looks at the highest match first. So assuming all returned results have a 100% match, as they did in this particular example, then those that have logged in most recently are going to be the ones that appear at the very top of the search results.

So given that many recruiters will not have the time or inclination to troll through pages and pages of results on YachtSpot which can sometimes be well in excessive 50 pages with 25 profiles on each page, it makes sense to ensure that you log in regularly and this is definitely going to improve your chances of finding employment because you will appear much higher up in the returned results than if you don't log in very frequently.

A simple and effective way to improve your chances of getting hired.

About the author

Iain Flockhart, MD, Saor Alba Holdings Ltd, is a highly experienced yacht captain with over 265,000 nautical miles in the role of Master since 1996. He bought and completely refitted his first yacht at the age of 20 and went on to buy a larger ocean going yacht a few years later and set sail across the oceans, often with novice crews.

As well as being a Master, Iain provides professional mentoring services to yacht crew and advises on issues relating to hiring, managing and retaining the right crew. He’s an ambassador for the exceptional Rafnar brand of RIBs. through his brand SA Marine. He is also an ambassador for She of the Sea an organisation promoting gender diversity in the world of yachting. He enjoys simple pleasures such as using his 7m RIB to go exploring and wild camping in the natural beauty of his native Scotland.

Captain Iain Flockhart, The Yacht Crew Mentor. +44 7958 301 111 tycm@saoralbaholdings.com