Palma Superyacht Yacht Show Day Three

Day three of the Palma Superyacht Show.  Yesterday saw an interesting session about mentoring of women in the yachting industry.  Lots of ladies there to tell who they were and how they fitted into he industry with a focus on mentoring. I took on a new client pro ono, a smart and ambitions young lady from the Ukraine who aspires to be a yacht Captain. We have started to get her on the first steps of that journey and will be helping her along the way as much as possible. I met some interesting new people yesterday including Norma Trease, who's reputation proceeded her. Great to also re-connect with some longstanding contacts.

Today I will be meeting some more new people including Ben from Rubis in Guernsey for whom I wrote an article recently about cruising in northern regions fo Europe, including Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia.

I will be attending the A Crew session today that covers wound care suturing to brush up on my skills in that area following a nasty RTA I was first on scene at last week in Scotland where a 4 year old boy sustained a very serious head injury that I attended to for 40 minutes till the emergency services arrived. Hopefully no such real life trauma today day. #superyacht #crew #superyachts#captain #captains #yachtcrew #crewagents #palmayachtcrew

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