New Mobile App. coming to The Yacht Crew Mentor.

I have been developing a full scale mobile App. for The Yacht Crew Mentor site and it will be ready to launch next week. The App. is 100% FREE.

The App. can be downloaded directly by simply scanning the QR code that will be provided No need to go to the hassle of going to App. stores to download it. It will work on iOS or Android. just scan the QR code and then follow the simple steps to install the App. on your phone or iPad etc.

This is the icon that you will see on your device after installation.

The App includes:

Background information, Who, What, Why, Where etc.

An overview of services we offer..

Details of specific services we offer, CV Services, Mentoring and HELP !!!



Social media links

Useful info.

Testimonials from our clients.

Streaming Radio.

Contact info.



You can also rate the App.

I am working on developing numerous more features and pages which will include some concessions for certain groups, linking with partner companies etc.

currently bookings will still need to be done not through the App. but from the web page which has now been fully optimised for mobile.

It is a progressive web App. and will update in the background as changes are made to the site. Whenever new content or features are added the App. will refresh and update automatically. It's been designed to be very light on data.

I will post a blog next week when the App. is actually launched and live along with the QR code you can use to download it.

PLease watch for more information on launch and download the App. when it's available.

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