Is your CV up to scratch for when lockdown is lifted?

Updated: May 17, 2020

As lockdown restrictions get closer to being eased across Europe and the USA, the floodgates may well be opened on recruitment for whatever there is going to be of a season this year.

Now is the time to make sure that your CV is absolutely perfect so that you will be ahead of your peers when it comes to finding a new position onboard.

First let’s consider what the purpose of a CV is. It’s job is to get you to the next stage of the recruitment process. That’s it in a nutshell. Once you get an interview than you will have more of a chance to sell yourself. Your CV should never be a hard sell. It needs to be much more subtle.

Think about breaking down any barriers that may exist between your CCV and the person at the other end of it. They are busy, possibly impatient, have little time to recruit and may well be very intolerant of anything that does not fit their own model of how a CV should be presented.

Here are some quick tips to help you with getting your CV in tip top condition.

  • Think carefully about the language you will use on your CV.

  • Keep it all in a standard format.

  • Make sure your photo is absolutely perfect and appropriate to be on your CV.

  • Make sure all your critical information, name, what you are, Junior Stewardess etc), highest qualification, Email address and phone number are clearly at the top of your CV.

  • Be sure to have a meaningful objective / personal statement directly under the critical information listed above.

  • When listing all your qualifications keep the most relevant ones for any particular job at the top.

  • When listing all your work experience make the following bold: Dates onboard, Vessel name including M/Y or S/Y, LOA in m, Private or commercial.

  • Ensure the text in each of these sections emphasizes your still and achievements on each specific position.

  • Make sure you insert a section that I call “Other skills and information.” This is a great a place to elaborate on your skills and attributes.

  • Do not underestimate the Hobbies and interests section, but at the same time think very carefully about what you out in this section and ensure your interests do not demonstrate any serious conflict with working on a yacht.

  • Be very careful who you choose as your referees.

  • List your referees, check with them they are still happy to act as a referee

  • Have third party that has an excellent command of the English language proof read your CV.

  • Don’t use all capitals or underline anything on your CV.

If you are still not confident that your CV is going to make it through the starting gate, (lot’s don’t), the contact us and we will be able to help you produce an excellent and fully appropriate yachting CV based on 25 years hiring crew in this industry.

Whatever you do, whoever you get to help you with your CV, make sure it is in perfect condition so that you can capitalise on the fact that your CV is well above average once recruitment kicks off again. Given the uncertainty of current circumstances, it’s all the more important that your CV is in great shape.

Captain Iain Flockhart, The Yacht Crew Mentor.

+44 7958 301 111

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