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Interviews can be very intimidating for many people, especially younger ones that are not used to the process. The very nature of our industry tends to magnify this somewhat.


As so many crew clearly find this very intimidating we offer professional interview coaching sessions with tremendous insight.  Having been in the hiring seat onboard for over 25 years we can help you get fully prepared for that all important interview.


I have personally conducted literally hundreds of interviews in my career. Some only by telephone, many in person and an increasing number via internet applications.

We can coach you on interviews with crew Agents which can be critically important as you want to get on the right side of them in the first instance. Then when it's time to go for a real interview we can go through everything that you need to know about the process and what you should and should not be doing during an interview.

We can give advice on telephone, real live and the increasingly common online type of interviews over Zoom or Skype. All are a little different with their own specific subtleties.

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