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Financial Advice for Yacht Captains and Crew.

We are pleased to introduce our financial services partner.


Yachting Financial Solutions, who specialise in looking after yacht Captains and crew by providing financial advice and services.

Words by Clive Evans.


Imagine this: by the time I was 38 I had built one of the most successful sales teams ever at one of the world's biggest life assurance companies. I had two company cars and was on big money. Really BIG money. I thought it would never end. But it did. Not slowly, but in the blink of an eye, after a corporate takeover.

The rewards and the lifestyle were gone. Money, cars, house—pop! I was left with a former holiday home in the South of France.

That's where Yachting Financial Solutions was born. I saw crew on board superyachts earning big money and enjoying a lifestyle most people couldn't even imagine. And I saw time and again how it was taken away from them in an instant. They were in a golden bubble they thought would last forever. But the bubble always pops.


Teresa Evans- my wife and business partner was previously a private chef to the super rich both ashore and on yachts- she too knows the pitfalls of relying on the bubble.


We’ve dedicated our lives to helping superyacht crew use their time in the bubble to achieve financial freedom and live a life of independent happiness


We help them identify what is really important to them and show them how to put a plan in place to achieve their goals.

For decades now, Yachting Financial Solutions have been the premiere financial planners dedicated solely to superyacht crew.



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