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Facebook Yachting Page Member Discounts

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First a note form Lars Molin, the founder of Palma Yacht Crew and all it's associated Facebook groups.

"Palma Yacht Crew was founded back in 2009, soon after to be followed by groups such as Antibes Yacht Crew, Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew and several others. The idea of a worldwide community, where everyone helps or shares information with each other  quickly took off, and today the Yacht Crew groups are easily the most popular on Facebook. The groups are actively monitored by  a team of current and ex-yachties. They offer you a safe environment to browse the boards in, and you will nearly always get an answer to any question, you may have. Did you join yet?"

Keep an eye on these popular Facebook yachting pages where we will be posting special discounts for their members.


If you are not already signed up on these pages then I recommend that you get son them. Lars, who runs these pages is a great guy and the groups are filled with lots of yachting related posts, information etc, as well as member discounts for third party services such as my own.


If you're going to any join these groups, Please read and adhere to the rules for using these pages posted by Admin.

The Yacht Crew Mentor promotions will be posted on these pages in accordance to the rules of the page administration.

To claim your discount on any of our services that are promoted on any of the listed Facebook groups, add the Coupon code in the appropriate field at checkout.

Pages incluse:

Palma Yacht Crew

Antibes Yacht Crew

Barcelona Yacht Crew

Italy Yacht Crew

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew

St Maarten Yacht Crew

Antigua Yacht Crew

Australia Pacific Yacht Crew

SE Asia Yacht Crew

Dubai Yacht Crew

Malta Yacht Crew

Scandinavia & Baltic Yacht Crew

Cuba Yacht Crew

Virgin Islands Yacht Crew


Pages that do not require you to “Join”.


Yacht Crew News

Yacht Crew Finance

Yacht Crew Training

Yachting Industry News

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