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If you really care about your career prospects, the quality of your CV, and getting ahead of your peers, please read this entire page.

  • Do you find it difficult to get your CV properly laid out in MS Word?

  • Is your English language and grammar less than perfect?

  • Unsure of the best words and phrases to use?

  • Too many Pronouns, (I, Me etc.)

  • Too many buzzwords in your current CV?

  • Do you understand all the psychology of a CV?

  • Too wordy, or not enough space to write what you want?

If ANY of the above points relate to you and your CV then it will most likely end up in the NO pile very quickly.

CV creation is a subtle art form, and fulfilling it’s objective is simple if you know how. The layout, language, content, psychology, the photograph, all are critically important in helping you get ahead of your peers and beating them to the next stage of the hiring process. There are countless pitfalls to navigate around, and they are all completely avoidable.

There is no room for error. First impressions are critically important. Most recruiters employ a basic “triage” process whereby all the CVs go into directly into one of three piles:

  • Shows promise

  • Will revisit if we really need to

  • NO

You need to make sure that (providing you are suitably qualified for the position), that you do not end up in the N"O" pile, and preferably go into straight into the "Shows promise" pile.

By the time we will have revised your CV, there will be nothing left in it by way of layout, language, tone or content, that will in itself cause you to be end up in the "no" pile for any position you are otherwise qualified for.

We also provide what has now become an essential step in your pre employment due diligence process, the ip (internet protocol) footprint review.

What makes our service different?


Many people offering CV services specifically aimed at yacht crew are actually steering their clients towards failure. There are current trends in CV writing that I consider to be fatal. We will not do that.

Recent feedback from major crew agents with whom I have long standing relationships with, say some of the CVs they are seeing at present that have been prepared by people offering “CV services” confirms the dire mistakes that some of these people are making and that you the candidate, will likely suffer as a result.

"Anyone who's been around yachting for any amount of time, will know that you do not always get what you pay for, and that value can be very difficult to quantify.


However, sometimes you do get what you pay for, and with it comes tremendous value. This is where we aim to be by  delivering exceptional value to our clients, and there is often a lot more to value than simply what something costs."

These are worrying trends in CV presentation. Whoever helps you prepare your CV I urge you not fall victim to these trends.

There are numerous, well presented  websites out there offering amazing results to their clients. I urge you to look at them with caution and take stock of the level of experience that stands behind them.

Maturity and experience over many years and the ability to be able to look objectively at candidates from all departments is critically important.  Some service providers have come from limited backgrounds and they can not have a full understanding of the way that candidates from all departments may be viewed by prospective employers. They simply do not possess the depth of knowledge required to assist all candidates in the most meaningful way across all departments.

Preparing a winning CV for an industry such as yachting requires a great deal of knowledge covering all the subtleties of the industry. Experience counts.

Does your CV stand out?

This is a question that is frequently asked by people who will purport to propel you to rapid success by way of a radical CV design.  It is however entirely incorrect, because many CVs stand out, but for all the wrong reasons.

What you should in fact be asking yourself is. "Do I as a candidate, stand out?" 

The two can be perceived very differently, so make sure that you are not confused as to which is the fundamentally important and correct way to put yourself and your CV across to a prospective employer.

Across all industries, the going rate in the first world for a generic CV review is around €135. Yachting CV assistance has become very competitive with prices as low as €45 being widely available. Given how critically important your CV is, I urge you to consider the experience, knowledge and integrity you are buying for the price of a round of drinks. 

Our current listed fees are promotional as we can not sustain them long term given the amount of time that needs to go into doing a thorough meaningful CV review for this very unique industry. We will not compromise quality of service delivered to our clients for profit.

You seldom, if ever, get a second chance. Make the right choice first time when it comes to your CV and who you call upon to help you with it..

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